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Italian Glass

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Italian Glass

Why choose Italian glasses?

During the Renaissance glass was a sought after treasure. It was only attainable by the wealthy people of the times. Italian glassmakers were known as “The Masters”. These Masters were known for making beautifully thin and airy forms of glass.

The Master glassmakers only used basic tools which were developed in the middle ages. By skillfully manipulating these basic tools, Master glassmakers created unique works of art with rich coloring and surreal, patterns and shapes.

Even though fine glassware is created worldwide, …read more

LEDing Fashion

LED Banner

What’s in it for you?

LED lighting is spectacular and better for the environment. LED lights are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. LED lighting makes for fewer bulb replacements, less landfill, and no mercury emanation. Less energy use reduces the demand for power that’s why choosing LED lighting is a win-win. Eurofase prides itself in manufacturing products in tune with your environment. Discover the Peralta, Lazio and Zucchero Collections sure to please and last for years to come.

Peralta Collection | Where to Buy

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Custom work by Eurofase

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It’s time to give your room the WOW factor it’s missing and make a statement with a customized Eurofase lighting fixture. We’re very passionate about constantly introducing innovative designs to our customers. Whether it’s a few unique pieces for a lobby or a whole lighting collection for an international resort, we are committed to delivering exactly what our customer needs from start to finish’s with excellent service and quality they expect.

A customized Eurofase fixture allows designers to create a stunning space with its own personality and purpose. …read more

Small Space – Space Saving Lighting

1) Pick a theme/look 

Are you a minimalist that loves clean lines? Or do you prefer the traditional look with a bit of dazzle? Is your space meant to be a quiet restful place, or a sleek modern office? Have your space tell a story, portray who you are and what you’re about. Decorate with objects that tell a personal story whether it’s pieces from your travels or through color schemes that reflects who you are.


2) Scale is everything

Make sure to balance your furniture and fixtures in proportion to the rooms size. …read more

Fixture Customization

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Eurofase has an extensive fixture customization service available to all our customers. In our previous blog post we discussed the adaptability of some of our pendants and mini chandeliers being turned into arrays with custom canopy plates. Now we will discuss customizations of the fixtures themselves to better suit the needs of our customers. Often times these custom projects come from the need to have an extra-large fixture that fits a particular space such as a specific-sized tray ceiling, a mall entrance, or a condo lobby. In certain cases the airiness of multiple small fixtures is not the desired visual effect, …read more

Customization: Mini Pendant Arrays

Eurofase offers a large variety of customizable pendants that can be configured for almost any interior space. Due to the adaptable nature of these modular light heads, different volumes of space can be filled with varying densities of light heads by altering mounting canopy sizes and cord lengths.

Eurofase maintains a dedicated team of designers who will help you select, design, and fabricate any custom fixture you may want for your home or business. In the coming weeks we will be highlighting other ways we design and build these custom fixtures, …read more