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Danza Collection

The Danza Collection makes a statement, that has a classic appeal, in a contemporary world. Featuring a polished chrome frame adorned by cascading metal and handmade crystal chain. The cognac crystals and metal chain are all hand tied to drape over the frame. The Danza is the perfect unique centerpiece for gatherings that will be remembered for a lifetime. The Danza collection, only available from Eurofase. …read more

Filo Collection

on Fixture of the month

The Filo collection contains a double layered wire meshed metal shade that creates intriguing refractions and is available in two sizes. The complimentary finished metal accents and Edison bulbs create an industrial yet lightweight feel. Available in bronze and chrome finishes. …read more

Elrose Collection

on Fixture of the month

The Elrose Collection contains organically shaped natural stones which are suspended from a geometric gold leaf frame for a beautiful, luxurious look. The natural stones are spun in wire creating an intricate geometric formations that catch the eye. …read more

Gabriel Collection

on Fixture of the month

The Gabriel Collection has oval sections of rotating and adjustable chrome pieces with LED light eminating in between. The adjustable sections of light allow the user to create their own desired lighting effect and appearance by twisting the sections into various positions for a unique look for any occasion. …read more

Zinco Collection

on Fixture of the month

The Zinco Collection has a vintage industrial water piping finished with decorative valve handle. Accessorize this family with an industrial cage or a top shade. The possibilities are endless. The warm earthy tones and unique textures create character while the clean lines keep it modern.



No. of Bulbs: 7
Bulb Type: A19
Bulb Wattage: 60W
Bulb Socket: E26
Input Voltage: 120V
Bulb Included: Yes

  …read more

Cohen Collection

on Fixture of the month

The Cohen contains high-end crystal beads which drape underneath the chrome star patterned canopy. These crystals create an alluring shimmer of light from every bead. Chrome accents above the waterfall of crystals spread the light gracefully throughout the room.

…read more

Cara Collection

on Fixture of the month

The Cara collection is a textural collection features the contrasting materials of high quality metal and the glittering surfaces of hanging crystals. The metallic band that surrounds the crystal surface features an organically inspired texture that ties the two materials together perfectly. …read more

Macri Collection

on Fixture of the month

The Macri features a hanging array of hollow ribbed glass forms. The blown glass of the Macri act as diffusers, allowing the light to refract between surfaces, while crystal beads add a playful, elegant sparkle.   …read more

Savannah Collection

on Fixture of the month

The elegance of the Savannah collection is accentuated by individually hand strung amber stones and crystals cascading from an antique gold frame. These elements provide a warm earthy natural tone with a sense of luxury.

Finish: Antique Bronze
Shade: Mixed Crystals and Stones

28000-013   (12 light)

Diameter: 36.5”
Height: 40.75”
Est. Weight: 94.38 lbs
Hanging Support Type: Chain
Max. Extension: 72”

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The Venue

on Fixture of the month

The Venue collection is a contemporary ultra-sleek profiled flush mount array available in a variety of configurations. The modular lighting heads feature diffusers that evenly transmit the light, augmenting the quality of light emanating from the fixture.  …read more

The Briggs Collection

on Fixture of the month

The Briggs collection offers a stunning flare on industrial décor. The rustic Edison bulbs, bronze tubing and adjustable sockets provide an ideal vintage feel while maintaining its contemporary charm.


Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze
Bulb Type: T10 Edison
Bulb Wattage: 60W
Bulb Socket: E26
Input Voltage: 120V
Dimmable: Yes
Bulb Included: Yes


27998-014 – 12 Light Oval Chandelier

Dimensions: L 48”, W 25.75”, H 18”
Max. Extension: 39”
Hanging Support Type: Rod
Canopy Size: D 5”, …read more

The Albion Collection

on Fixture of the month

The Albion collection is a family of arrays that features conical pendants with underslung sandblasted diffusers. The Albion’s cone-shaped pendant heads combined with the matt finish create sleek and modern highlights. These pendants can be hung and customized into different configurations. The Albion also has a patented removable diffuser which allows for easy LED replacement (see image below).

Mounting: Pendant/Canopy Mount
Materials/Finish: Matte Finish (White, Black)

28178- LG Round Array: D-26.75”, H-80.25”
28177- SM Round Array: D-19”, …read more

The Borto Collection

on Fixture of the month


Mounting: Pendant/Canopy Mount

Materials/Finish: Matte Finish (White, Gray, Black)



28165- Round Bunched Array: D-29.5”, H-86.5”

28164- LG Square Array: W-20”, L-27.25, H-81.75”

28163- MED Square Array: W-13”, L-27.25”, H-81.75”

28162- SM Square Array: W-6.25”, L-27.25”, H-81.75”

28161- Single Pendant: D-6”, H-82.5”


6W LED 4200K

28165- Round Bunched Array (19 light- 6200lm)

28164- LG Square Array (12 light- 3900lm)

28163- MED Square Array (8 light- 2600lm)

28162- SM Square Array (4 light- 1300lm)

28161- Single Pendant (1 light- 325lm)

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Hazelton – Fixture of the Month


Mounting:  Chandelier Mount

Materials/Finish: Amber glass, clear crystal, chrome

Sizes:  Large Chandelier: 33.5”D x 79.25H
Small Chandelier: 19.5”D x 79.25”H

Weight: Large Chandelier: 44 lbs
Small Chandelier: 18.9 lbs

Bulb: Large Chandelier: 31x 120V G4 Bi-Pin
Small Chandelier: 19x 120V G4 Bi-Pin

The Hazelton embodies an understanding of the behavior of light and how it interacts with a space. The delicate amber glass orbs used to house the lose crystals act to soften the upwards traveling light, …read more

Sage – Fixture of the Month

on Fixture of the month


Mounting:  Chandelier Mount

Materials/Finish: Crystal beading, chrome strips

Sizes:  Lg Linear: 45.5L x 10”W x 18”H
Sm Linear: 28”L x 10”W x 16”H
3 Tier Chandelier: 31”D x 34”H
Lg Chandelier: 31”D x 16”H Med Chandelier- 25”D x 12”H
Sm Chandelier: 17”D x 12”H

Weight: Lg Linear: 37 lbs
Sm Linear: 30.4 lbs
3 Tier Chandelier: 98.8 lbs
Lg Chandelier: 43.6 lbs
Med Chandelier: 32.6 lbs
Sm Chandelier: 20 lbs

Bulb: Lg Linear: 7x 120V G9
Sm Linear: 5x 120V G9
3 Tier Chandelier: 17x 120V G9
Lg Chandelier: 8x 120V G9
Med Chandelier: 5x 120V G9
Sm Chandelier: 4x 120V G9

The Sage is an ethereal beauty composed of loops of crystal beading supported by shimmering chrome rings. …read more

Skyline – Fixture of the Month

on Fixture of the month

Mounting: Pendant Mount

Materials/Finish: Solid wood, clear glass, chrome

Sizes: Linear: 38”L x 4”W x 8.75”H
Large: 29.5”D x 20.5”H
Medium: 21.5”D x 17.5”H
Small: 6.25”D x 9”H

Linear: 29.7 lbs
Large: 59.2 lbs
Medium: 42 lbs
Small: 8 lbs

Bulb: Linear: 13x 12V Bi-Pin G4
Large: 20x 12V Bi-Pin G4
Medium: 15x 12V Bi-Pin G4
Small: 3x 12V Bi-Pin G4

The Skyline brings together several contrasting materials together while recalling the shimmering image of a metropolitan city core. …read more

Grappa – Fixture of the Month

on Fixture of the month

Mounting:  Flush mount / Sconce

Materials/Finish: Smoked glass and chrome

Sizes:  Large: 32.5”L x 15”W x 6”H
Medium: 30.25”L x 14”W x 6”H
Small: 20.75”L x 10”W x 6”H
Weight: Large- 12.2 lbs
Medium: 11 lbs
Small: 6.7 lbs

Bulb: Large: 8x 12V Bi-Pin G4
Medium: 6x 12V Bi-Pin G4
Small: 4x 12V Bi-Pin G4

The Grappa is composed of a collection of smoked glass spheres floating on a chrome field. The spheres contain inner clear spheres which house the bulbs of this fixture within. …read more

The Grace – Fixture of the Month

on Fixture of the month

Mounting: Ceiling- Chandelier (2 sizes)
Materials/Finish: Polished Nickel
Sizes: Lg Chandelier – 23.5″ D x 11″ H / Sm Chandelier – 14″ D x 6″ H
Bulb: 60W G9 bulb (Lg-6x, Sm-3x)


The Grace

The Grace is composed of an array of hand-curled nickel strips. These strips are bent in an inconsistent way to allow random undulations in the curve. This randomizes the repeating curves in a way that augments light scattering, creating a fuller light halo than if each curve was crisply machine bent in the exact same way. …read more

The Yorkville — Fixture of the Month

on Fixture of the month

Mounting: Ceiling – Flush mount – Wall sconce – Vanity
Materials/Finish: : Chrome and Crystal
Sizes: Flush-18″D x 5.5″H / Sm-23.5”W x 5.5”H / Lg- 31.2″W x 5.5”H / Sconce-5.5″W x 5.5″H 
Bulb: 60W G9 bulb (Flush-4x, Sm-3x, Lg-4x, Sconce-1x)

The Yorkville

Concentric rings of crystal and mirror-polished chrome. The Yorkville uses laser cutting technology to create complex cuts resulting in an extremely thin latticework of chrome that supports a halo of crystals around a central light source. The dual ring configuration creates even distribution of crystals around the light which creates radiating bands of refracted rainbow light. …read more

The Nava — Fixture of the Month

on Fixture of the month

Mounting: Ceiling – hanging 
Materials/Finish: : Ice blue glass, Crystal, Chrome accents
Sizes: Sm-23.25”D x 25.25”H / Med-28.25″D x 27.5″H / Lg-  27”D x 19”H
Bulb: 60W G9 bulb (Sm- 4x/3x, Med- 5x/6x, Lg 6x/8x)


The Nava

The Nava represents an elegant relationship between light and hand blown glass. Utilizing several different surface forms, the Nava not only provides ambient light, but paints adjacent walls with a fantastic array of beams, gradations, and highlights. Sharp highlights are created by the faceted glass collars around the light sources, …read more

The Monica by Eurofase

on Fixture of the month

Mounting: Ceiling – hanging or flushmount  
Materials/Finish: Chrome and Crystal
Sizes: Sm-19.5”D x 13.75”H / Lg-  27”D x 19”H 
Bulb: 60W G9 bulb (Sm- 6x, Lg 9x)


The Monica

Due to its elegant compactness, the Monica can be utilized as a replacement for a chandelier, as well as flush mounted ceiling lamps. When used in lieu chandelier, its desaturated color pallet allows it to work with both modern minimal, and classically appointed interiors. The crystals held by the leaf-like shades of the Monica explode with rainbow refracted light, …read more

The Sasso Collection- October Fixture of the Month

on Fixture of the month

Allow me to introduce to you the Sasso – dark, majestic and sumptuous. A stroll along the Via Veneto – the sultry atmosphere of Italian nightlife – of leather and opulence, the young and hip enjoying and living life, the streets filled with joy and romance inspired the designer to recreate the indulgence of the old world.

This elegant fixture brandishes rich faux leather, delicately hand-stitched into a diamond pattern that is accented with tiny, sparkling crystals. The tightly gathered fabric diffuser reflects light up into the barrel-shaped shade allowing the crystals twinkle and sparkle, …read more

The Perlina- September Fixture of the Month

Allow me to introduce to you the Perlina – bold and breathtaking. As winter sets in, the mountain springs are surrounded by icy drama. The designer felt compelled to immortalize that moment when the mists rising into the air crystallize and glitter in the soft light.

Like the crystalline droplets suspended in the frosty air, this stunning piece is held in place by a frosted glass bottom trimmed in a polished chrome ring that reflects light up and into a crystal dome where it shimmers, dances and dazzles the eye. …read more

The Marta Collection- August Fixture of the Month

Allow me to introduce to you the Marta – a perfect balance of simplicity and detail.

As he approached the centre of the deserted Spanish square, he saw the large marble statue. A woman, renowned for her great beauty. As he walked closer, he looked at the base of the statue – on it a single word – Marta.

This fixture’s polished nickel frame resembles the hour-glass figure of the woman. The slender arms extend open and generous. A gleaming fitting adorns the top like a tiara. …read more

Martina Collection- June Fixture of the Month

Delightful, romantic yet modern.

Luxurious vintage Italian porcelain is given new life in the fresh, sophisticated Martina collection.

Roses so delicate and tender, each petal unfurling around a life-like bud. These pastel colored porcelain roses, which adorn the frame, create perfect balance resembling a beautiful garden bouquet when viewed from below.

The glazed, hand-crafted frame, available in black or white, is breathtakingly simple and matte in its finish. Its sculpted shape and graceful arms are striking yet classical. …read more

Award Winning Ad

Our creative team has been recognized. Eurofase has been nominated for  Ad of The Month for Florida Design, March edition.  Great job designers!!

Don’t limit yourself to the rings on your finger. Shiny, sleek and sexy, the Novello collection offers a fine balance of warm sophistication and metal edginess. The sumptuous fabric of the slim classic drum shade floats like an alabaster ring suspended from a wide column of interlocking chrome chains.

Our other ads featuring our new 2013 collections can be found on our website in the News and Events section. …read more

The Volante Collection- May’s Fixture of the Month

The Volante Collection. Infinitely beautiful. Classical. Exquisite.

Drape your décor in luxury with satin, polished silver and crystal adornments. Inspired by true love and infinite happiness, the Volante collection will make your home feel like that special day, every day.

Soft silk shades sit atop a polished frame. Crystal bobeches hang suspended in air like teardrops. The cascading lengths of crystal beading draw the eye downward only to be lifted again. Waterfall crystals at the base of this piece allow the eye to follow the ribbons of light that dance and sparkle. …read more

The Volare Collection- April 2013 Fixture of the Month

Enchanting. Whimsical. Majestic.

Nature and design intertwine to create the Volare, an elegant mixture of light, lines and sparkle.

Imagine a hummingbird hovering, spiraling and soaring among the wildflowers. When it stops mid-air, is when its true beauty shines.

Like the spiraling dazzling flight pattern, our designers created a beautiful effortless motion with chrome spirals in a contemporary setting. Constructed lines and delicate pear shaped crystals add sparkle which suspend from a chrome canopy and cables. Adjustable pendants are accented with metallic amber or piped in chrome with hints of champagne. …read more

Novello and the Metallic Trend

Lighting trends are influenced by fashion trends. Fashion trends are influenced by jewelry trends.

Do not limit yourself to the conventional use of rings on your finger. The Novello offers a metallic finish on a grand band overflowing with the magical use of rings. It has a fine balance of warm sophistication and metal edginess that is sure to magically create a smile.


Try adding a shiny modern fixture to an already clean contemporary living room. It will instantly add that pop of modern flair that coordinates well with the freshness of the space. …read more