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Pantone: Fall 2016 Colors

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As a new season is approaching, Pantone has released a variety of shades to match. Inspired by tranquility, strength and optimism these shades complement each other wonderfully. If you’re unsure of what colors to bring into your home décor, this is a great way to keep on trend. …read more

On trend: Warm Metals

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As the weather gets warmer so do trends. Warmer metals such as: rose gold, brass, copper, and bronze have risen in popularity this year. These finishes give a sense of comfort and tranquility and have been seen everywhere lately whether it’s an appliance or lighting fixture or an accent piece.

Rooms with fixtures that have a warm metal accents can really add a touch of style to your home. Not only do they look great, they tend to give the room a soft warm glow.

  …read more

Trends: Low Poly

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Low Poly light fixtures are the newest minimalist style to enter modern ambient lighting settings.

Although a new addition to minimalist lighting the concept of “Low Poly” has been around since the early days of computer graphics. In 3D Modeling and Animation, 3D artists use triangles and polygons to build complex virtual shapes.  Low Poly describes 3D computer graphics that have a relatively small number of polygons.


This multi-faceted design language translates into light fixture design because of the rising popularity of minimalist light fixtures in modern, …read more

2016 Trends Preview

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As most interior design trends go, year to year there is evolution; however there isn’t a major swing in change. You will see ideas tweak themselves and integrate with the previous years, so they will not become outdated a year after conception (and those that do were simply fad-based designs that never really had any staying power). …read more

Customization: Mini Pendant Arrays

Eurofase offers a large variety of customizable pendants that can be configured for almost any interior space. Due to the adaptable nature of these modular light heads, different volumes of space can be filled with varying densities of light heads by altering mounting canopy sizes and cord lengths.

Eurofase maintains a dedicated team of designers who will help you select, design, and fabricate any custom fixture you may want for your home or business. In the coming weeks we will be highlighting other ways we design and build these custom fixtures, …read more

Crystal vs glass, what’s your style?

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There is much debate over crystal versus glass. We will be discussing the differences and advantages of each material.

Crystal is actually a type of glass. Normal glass is a mixture of silicate (sand), lime, and soda. This formulation encompasses about 90% of glass made today. Crystal glass differs from normal glass as it contains high levels of lead oxide (leading to its more correct name: leaded glass). The term “Crystal” comes from the Italian term ‘cristallo’ which was once used to describe Murano glass imitations. …read more

Bold & Beautiful

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As industry and aesthetic tastes change, Eurofase endeavors to stay at the forefront of interior design trends. Leveraging years of experience, we utilize new technologies, materials, and techniques to create stunning fixtures that will compliment any space. In recent years there has been a significant shift away from traditional fixtures to more contemporary and transitional interpretations of classical lighting. The essence of this shift has been spurred on by designers looking for something with the visual impact of a chandelier bedecked in crystals, and yet maintains a gestural purity and cleanliness indicative of modernist design movements. …read more

The Art of Craftsmanship

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For years Eurofase has been a proponent of durable construction, quality materials, and thoughtful engineering. Fixtures like the Skyline, Panello, Mano, Bosco, and Cesto all contain thoughtful uses of warmly finished wood. The Panello, Mano, and Cesto in particular are reminiscent of the handiwork of skilled tradesmen. Used in conjunction with warm oiled bronze, the wood-based fixtures are composed in such a way as to make them suitable for both traditional and contemporary interiors. …read more

LED: Spec-tacular Beauty

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LED: Spec-tacular Beauty

LED lighting is quickly emerging as the preeminent type of energy efficient lighting. Light source efficiency, known as ‘efficacy’ is determined by how many lumens are produced per watt of energy. As a comparison, an incandescent bulb has an efficacy rating of 16 lm/W, where as a LED bulb can range from 85-94 lm/W. This can represent an almost 6x increase in energy efficiency! The primary reason for this savings is the mode of energy conversion; incandescent bulbs convert a large amount of incoming energy into heat instead of light (which is why light bulbs get hot), …read more