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A Classic Style with Many Applications

Coffee shop with Aspetto Fixture

Schoolhouse fixtures evoke the traditional style of early light fixtures used in buildings such as libraries, courthouses and, of course, classrooms. Schoolhouse-style pendant lighting often has a solid support rod that complements the retro look, is available in both traditional and mini pendant sizes.

While schoolhouse-style pendant lighting got its start in government and commercial spaces, it quickly migrated into private homes. One of the best features of schoolhouse-style pendant lighting is the gentle ambient light it produces.

Consider different applications as you explore the lighting possibilities these versatile fixtures offer. …read more

Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic


Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic. Both these styles are equally as popular in today’s society, yet differ greatly. In order to see which style suits you better, see the characteristics which make up these two genres.


Contemporary design, in its simplest form, refers to the manifestation of the modern art movement indoors. Using the minimalist’s approach, it emphasizes clean straight lines, uses chrome/stainless steel, rejects superfluous details (i.e. columns, moldings, cabinet trims, etc), and lacks clutter.

Rustic chic; …read more

Mix and Match in the Kitchen

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The Beauty of Mixing

Mix and match interior design, which fuses together a variety of contrasting materials, patterns and colors, is on the rise. Achieve this look by simply using your favorite design or accessory as inspiration to build around. Select different colors that fit well together or repeat the same object in different styles. For example, display your housewares if they have different colors or patterns.

High contrasting items will also work as long as they share a color, style or finish with at least one other item. …read more

LEDing Fashion

LED Banner

What’s in it for you?

LED lighting is spectacular and better for the environment. LED lights are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. LED lighting makes for fewer bulb replacements, less landfill, and no mercury emanation. Less energy use reduces the demand for power that’s why choosing LED lighting is a win-win. Eurofase prides itself in manufacturing products in tune with your environment. Discover the Peralta, Lazio and Zucchero Collections sure to please and last for years to come.

Peralta Collection | Where to Buy

  …read more

On trend: Industrial Chic

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Designs with an industrial feel to them are becoming more and more popular. They always have a very structured feel to them and a dynamic design concept however they also give off a very open presence. In recent years this kind of design has mostly featured in bars, clubs and the out-of-the box loft space, however now the Industrial Chic concepts have begun to enter our homes and offices and they are doing so with a tremendous amount of style. …read more

Eurofase at BDNY and IIDEX 2016!

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Eurofase also had the pleasure to return back to IIDEX on November 30th – December 1st. Visitors gathered around to view the Patruno collection, the Zinco collection, the Aldo collection, and a Eurofase favourite: our integrated LED mirrors. We always have such a great time at IIDEX, tons of amazing guests joined us for the largest exposition, networking and educational event for design, construction and real estate.


For more images from the shows, please visit our Pinterest account. …read more

Light KnowLEDge: Replacing LED Bulbs in 4 easy steps

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Switching to LED bulbs is the easiest way you can turn your home environmentally friendly – a few bulbs go a long way! One LED light can have a life span of 50,000 hours so you can go a much longer time without switching your bulbs than the standard light. When you do have to switch your LED bulbs, there are 4 easy steps to take to ensure you do this safely and efficiently.

  1. Shut your lights off: This will avoid any burns or shocks from happening from old electricity.
  2. …read more

The Natural Feel: Lighting inspired by nature

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As modern décor takes over it’s always refreshing to go back to the basics. There was a time when lighting fixtures were made only with the use of natural materials like wood and metal. Using materials inspired by nature within your room setting can truly create a warm and welcoming vibe which is a huge trend that we’ve seen this past year. …read more

The Right Light: Entryway

When you enter your house, the last thing you want is a dark entrance. What you do want is for people to be mesmerized when they walk into your home. Luckily, lighting fixtures are a solution and Eurofase has plenty to offer to ensure your home creates a warm welcome for your guests! …read more

Types of Lighting

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There are 3 types of lighting:

  1. Ambient
  2. Accent
  3. Task

Ambient lighting is the general light source which provides widespread illumination for your space. Having a central lighting source may include various types of fixtures such as chandeliers, flush mounts, recessed lighting etc.

Next is accent lighting. This type of lighting draws attention and importance to certain parts of the room such as a sculpture or painting.  Wall mounted or track lighting are great examples. …read more

Small Space – Space Saving Lighting

1) Pick a theme/look 

Are you a minimalist that loves clean lines? Or do you prefer the traditional look with a bit of dazzle? Is your space meant to be a quiet restful place, or a sleek modern office? Have your space tell a story, portray who you are and what you’re about. Decorate with objects that tell a personal story whether it’s pieces from your travels or through color schemes that reflects who you are.


2) Scale is everything

Make sure to balance your furniture and fixtures in proportion to the rooms size. …read more

Customization: Mini Pendant Arrays

Eurofase offers a large variety of customizable pendants that can be configured for almost any interior space. Due to the adaptable nature of these modular light heads, different volumes of space can be filled with varying densities of light heads by altering mounting canopy sizes and cord lengths.

Eurofase maintains a dedicated team of designers who will help you select, design, and fabricate any custom fixture you may want for your home or business. In the coming weeks we will be highlighting other ways we design and build these custom fixtures, …read more

Timeless Vs. Trends

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Due to the investment needed to redecorate a house, it is unpractical to redesign everything every time a new trend comes along. That being said, a homeowner should feel free to incrementally upgrade and change a houses interior as new trends arise. When applying this philosophy to a home, it becomes more cost effective to use unobtrusive and timeless finishes and objects for your overall scheme, and be able to systematically replace accent objects when the time arises.

For items such as lighting fixtures, it is really at the discression of the homeowner. …read more

How To: Strip And Mini Puck Lighting

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With the recent technological breakthroughs of LED technology, entirely new products have been created, along with revolutionizing older designs. The low power usage, small size, reduced heat output, and extended lifespan of LED’s make them ideal choices for a variety of products, some of which would have been impractical before with other light source technology.

One of the most exciting products to come out of this technological boom is the LED strip light. Coming in several different varieties, these lights have opened up a treasure-trove of new lighting techniques. …read more

HOW TO: Track Lighting

As city limits swell and renovations become more popular in established areas, track lighting has become more popular in the residential setting.


Track lights can be divided into two main categories, and two main types of power supply. The two configurations of lights are modular track, and fixed track. Modular track is often a multi-part system that features a universal track system with different joiner and head combinations. Fixed track is features multiples of a single head fixed onto a track (with no option to change the number or type of head). …read more

How To: Bathroom Vanity

Your home bathroom is meant to be an oasis. A quiet place where one can prepare for the day and wind down when the day is through. Having a space that meets the physical and emotional needs of the inhabitant is of paramount importance to a successful bathroom design. For dictating mood and aiding in grooming and preparation, few aspects are as important to a bathroom as lighting. There are several components to lighting a bathroom: general ambient illumination from wall sconces or ceiling lights, overhead lights for a shower or bathtub, …read more

Lighting 101: All About Bulbs

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There is much discussion about different light fixture designs; however the most important aspect of fixtures is the actual light source. There are many bulb options out there and this week we will be discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and optimal usages of each bulb type. This discussion is especially important now with the high-profile promotion of various ‘eco-friendly’ bulb options.

Efficacy- light source efficiency- How much of the electricity put into a bulb is lost to heat instead of converted into photons (light). The more energy lost to heat the lower a bulbs efficacy. …read more

Lighting 101 – Layering of Lights

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Layering Light Sources

There are rooms in your house, such as kitchens, that play host to a variety of tasks and activities. The lighting goal of such a space is to have enough light to perform your tasks, without having to deal with glare or lights that are too intense. Generally, more light is better than less, but this ‘extra light’ is best allocated strategically as to not overpower the calm ambiance of a social-hub room like a kitchen. This is where layering your light sources comes into play. …read more