Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic


Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic. Both these styles are equally as popular in today’s society, yet differ greatly. In order to see which style suits you better, see the characteristics which make up these two genres.


Contemporary design, in its simplest form, refers to the manifestation of the modern art movement indoors. Using the minimalist’s approach, it emphasizes clean straight lines, uses chrome/stainless steel, rejects superfluous details (i.e. columns, moldings, cabinet trims, etc), and lacks clutter.

Modern - Minuta

Rustic chic; however, highlights natural beauty and a rugged tenacious spirit. This style feels unpretentious and evokes a simpler time. Key characteristics include using organic textures/forms, weathered materials, warm/earthy colors, barn-inspired elements and repurposing objects.

RusticChic - Orbita

Whichever route you take, both styles when done successfully will elevate the aesthetics of your space and create a wonderful haven for yourself and guests.