How To: Bathroom Vanity

Your home bathroom is meant to be an oasis. A quiet place where one can prepare for the day and wind down when the day is through. Having a space that meets the physical and emotional needs of the inhabitant is of paramount importance to a successful bathroom design. For dictating mood and aiding in grooming and preparation, few aspects are as important to a bathroom as lighting. There are several components to lighting a bathroom: general ambient illumination from wall sconces or ceiling lights, overhead lights for a shower or bathtub, and perhaps most importantly, vanity lighting.

Due to conditions in the bathroom, certain care is needed when choosing fixtures. Due to condensation and moisture you must make sure your fixtures are rated for a damp environment, and that they are properly grounded. Additionally, any lights within close proximity to a shower or bathtub should have bulbs that are completely enclosed (such as our wide line of bathroom recessed lighting.










Taking time to properly consider your needs as an end user will help you pick a bath bar that will not just provide your bathroom with light, but improve the usability and enjoyment of your space.