How To: Strip And Mini Puck Lighting

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With the recent technological breakthroughs of LED technology, entirely new products have been created, along with revolutionizing older designs. The low power usage, small size, reduced heat output, and extended lifespan of LED’s make them ideal choices for a variety of products, some of which would have been impractical before with other light source technology.

One of the most exciting products to come out of this technological boom is the LED strip light. Coming in several different varieties, these lights have opened up a treasure-trove of new lighting techniques. Although flexible strip lighting has been available in the past, it often had minimal light output, and was prone to burning out due to the short lifespan of the incandescent bulbs used (essentially Christmas lights in a plastic sleeve). Modern LED strip lights are long-lasting, provide high intensity light, come in a variety of whites and colours, and can be dimmable and programmable.

In addition to strip lights LED’s have been incorporated into a wide variety of low-profile fixtures for accessory, under cabinet, and accent lighting. These fixtures include low profile puck lights and hard-mounted furniture lights. The adaptability of these lights allows them to be used in many different places where a traditional fixture would be unsuitable or even dangerous!


Due to the open-format of these lights, the applications for them are truly only limited to the extent of your imagination. Unlike fixed-format lights such as table lamps (which belong on a table) or recessed pot lights (which mount into the ceiling), the mounting hardware and format of these lights allow them to be used in some interesting spaces. Additionally, the linear and even glow provided by strip lights allows you to rework some existing lighting design schemes.

Confined Space Lighting

The low profile, mounting hardware, and unobtrusive nature of LED fixtures (along with the self-adhering nature of LED strip lighting) it is easy to add lighting inside of closets, drawers, and display cases. An added bonus to using LEDs instead of the older Halogen puck lighting, is the reduced heat output eliminates the risk of fire if the fixture presses up against clothing.

Outdoor Lighting

LED strip lights come in a weatherproof version that can be used in landscaping and outdoor seating areas. The advantage to LED strip is the even glow along a long path, which can be calming and less visually intrusive than harsh spotlights. Options for outdoor lighting can include lighting along paths or around seating areas, hiding it behind an opaque blocker (so you see the glow but not the strip itself), and weaving it into climbing vines. Again the open format of this product shines as it frees you to interpret the lighting of your space as you see fit. The function dictates the use of the product instead of the product dictating its use.

Under Cabinet

Under cabinet light is one of the most common utilization of our LED lighting systems. These are available in 3 formats: LED strip, rigid LED strip, and LED puck. There are advantages to using each of these products. For LED strip, the installation is quick and painless, simply a matter of connecting to a power source, and then peeling and sticking. The co-molded lens and low profile make it an economical source of light, and provides an even glow along your entire cabinetry. Additionally, the ability to trim the light strip easily means you can almost exactly fit the width of your cabinets. For cabinetry that requires a more high-end finished look, try one of our rigid strip lights. Available in several lengths, these lights provide all the lighting benefits of our normal strip lighting, but enclose the strip in an aluminum channel with a lens diffuser. Lastly, the LED puck lights are still extremely popular. When used in conjunction with a monotone backsplash, the pucks provide pools of light highlighted by shadowed areas. This can add tonal variations that detract from the monotony of a solid colour backsplash.




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