HOW TO: Track Lighting

As city limits swell and renovations become more popular in established areas, track lighting has become more popular in the residential setting.


Track lights can be divided into two main categories, and two main types of power supply. The two configurations of lights are modular track, and fixed track. Modular track is often a multi-part system that features a universal track system with different joiner and head combinations. Fixed track is features multiples of a single head fixed onto a track (with no option to change the number or type of head). The advantage to the fixed track is each light can have its own look, and is not limited to using the universal track components. These can be installed as you would a normal pendant lamp to a single junction box (these are the fixtures that will generally work better integrating into a classical-themed interior).

A NOTE ON UNIVERSAL TRACK SYSTEMS: A universal track system is usually only universal on a company-wide basis – this means if you are going to buy a track system, buy all components from the same manufacturer!

If you follow our social media postings, there has been discussion on low voltage versus line voltage, but here is a quick breakdown on advantages and disadvantages of both:

Line Voltage

– 120V direct from the house’s power source

– Usually cheaper in price (due to lack of a transformer)

Low Voltage

– 12V power supply stepped down by a transformer. Low-end transformers can make a faint buzzing sound

– Low voltage light sources tend to have a greater variety of beam patterns available (wide vs narrow spotlight, diffuse, etc.)

– Needs specialized dimmers that are normally more expensive

– More often than not when looking for low-voltage heads, you can tell them apart by their rectangular mounting clip which are larger than the line voltage heads.

Here are some samples: Modular Track Heads and Fixed Track & Mono-Points


Eurofase offers our tack system in white, black, and platinum. Many of our modular heads come in different colour options to work with your intended choice.

Track lighting can be extremely effective in places where specific lighting angles and locations, or where different types of lighting are needed. A prime example of this would be in a kitchen. A kitchen usually requires general illumination*, high intensity task lighting**, and nice-looking pendants*** for over the kitchen island. All these needs can be met by a single track system, powered from a single ceiling junction box. Another example would be a hallway with different pieces of art on the walls. You can customize and fine-tune the location and focus of each light to perfectly light each painting. The great thing about track lighting, if you want to readjust or move things around, you can do so very easily with no tools! Eurofase also offers an adapter kit that allows many of our non-track fixtures to be used in a track-mounted configuration!

Track Head






Track/Surface Mnt








Sliver, 1-light Large Pendant