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A Classic Style with Many Applications

Coffee shop with Aspetto Fixture

Schoolhouse fixtures evoke the traditional style of early light fixtures used in buildings such as libraries, courthouses and, of course, classrooms. Schoolhouse-style pendant lighting often has a solid support rod that complements the retro look, is available in both traditional and mini pendant sizes.

While schoolhouse-style pendant lighting got its start in government and commercial spaces, it quickly migrated into private homes. One of the best features of schoolhouse-style pendant lighting is the gentle ambient light it produces.

Consider different applications as you explore the lighting possibilities these versatile fixtures offer. …read more

Sputnik Inspired Lighting

on Chandeliers Pendants
Sputnik Inspired Lighting

Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth in 1957, is generally believed to have started the Space Age. The fascination with space exploration and technology has inspired the use of atomic motifs and abstract organic forms in design. The Sputnik silhouette quickly took off as a homage to this design trend and has been popular ever since.

Today’s versions come in a vast array of variations but the foundation stays the same: long arms bursting out like an explosion of light. The starburst look is great as a statement piece over a dining table, …read more

Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic


Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic. Both these styles are equally as popular in today’s society, yet differ greatly. In order to see which style suits you better, see the characteristics which make up these two genres.


Contemporary design, in its simplest form, refers to the manifestation of the modern art movement indoors. Using the minimalist’s approach, it emphasizes clean straight lines, uses chrome/stainless steel, rejects superfluous details (i.e. columns, moldings, cabinet trims, etc), and lacks clutter.

Rustic chic; …read more