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on LED Outdoor Wall Sconces

Create luminous and eye-catching signs for your property with our Halpern and Para LED lit wall sconces.

LED lit acrylic signs are slim and highly functional. It’s low cost of energy consumption make it a highly exceptional piece. Easily assemble the acrylic panels by simply sliding the slim acrylic panel onto the lighted metal base. The custom laser-engraved parts will light up while the rest of the sign stays dark, resulting in the illusion of glowing letters and/or images.

Similar in style, Halpern is ideal for outdoor use while Para is meant for indoor use. …read more

Italian Glass

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Italian Glass

Why choose Italian glasses?

During the Renaissance glass was a sought after treasure. It was only attainable by the wealthy people of the times. Italian glassmakers were known as “The Masters”. These Masters were known for making beautifully thin and airy forms of glass.

The Master glassmakers only used basic tools which were developed in the middle ages. By skillfully manipulating these basic tools, Master glassmakers created unique works of art with rich coloring and surreal, patterns and shapes.

Even though fine glassware is created worldwide, …read more

Danza Collection

Danza Restaurant

The Danza Collection makes a statement, that has a classic appeal, in a contemporary world. Featuring a polished chrome frame adorned by cascading metal and handmade crystal chain. The cognac crystals and metal chain are all hand tied to drape over the frame. The Danza is the perfect unique centerpiece for gatherings that will be remembered for a lifetime. The Danza collection, only available from Eurofase. …read more