Mixing Metals

People become cautious when they think about mixing metals. Many believe that doing so will create an uncoordinated vibe to your room but there are many ways you can do this while keeping a balanced look.

Pairing similar metals works well together and helps you can bring out the contrast of your lighting fixture. This creates a strong focal point in your room. You can also create this effect by mixing warm metals like a rose gold chandelier with chrome accents. When you choose a dominant metal finish, it’s very important that the mix does not exceed more than four tones for best results.

Eurofase offers lighting fixtures that can instantly tie this trend into your room. Does your kitchen feature silver accents? Add a gold fixture and look at how great the two finishes work together!

Below is an example that shows contrasts when you mix your metals and makes them drastically stand out.


The Fosca Collection 

Get creative with your décor and let it speak for itself! Visit Eurofase website to find the perfect lighting fixture today!