On trend: Industrial Chic

on Lighting 101 Trends

Designs with an industrial feel to them are becoming more and more popular. They always have a very structured feel to them and a dynamic design concept however they also give off a very open presence. In recent years this kind of design has mostly featured in bars, clubs and the out-of-the box loft space, however now the Industrial Chic concepts have begun to enter our homes and offices and they are doing so with a tremendous amount of style.

Take the Orbita family for example. This family has its own personality when it’s in the room and has a darker color pallet that can fit almost any location. The Collection has several coiled vintage bronze rings that orbit around the bulbs of the fixtures. This is sure to be an excellent conversation piece as well as an effective light source.


Another Industrial Chic family is the Bentley. These fixtures are pleasant to look at and they have a sleek bronze detail with crystal glass orbs all encased in a black frame. This family has some excellent class to it and can certainly increase your dining experience. It presents that perfect balance between vintage and class that many of us desire.