Generally, for a commercial setting, multiple light applications are needed. The Function lighting collection offers multiple options to meet those needs. Mix and match for a custom fit that perfectly accommodates your space and highlights just the right things.

With a variety of modules to select, it is important to know and understand the purpose of each one as it’s not just a decorative choice. In this article we will examine the different modules offered within the Function collection and ascertain its proper uses.

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1. Construct Suspended: These single suspended modules hang like mini pendants. The downward light is perfect for task lighting while also adding a unique character and dimensional level to any space. Great as a singular piece or grouped together to form a linear cluster, it’s a great choice above a table or desk.

2. Construct Wall Wash: As the name implies, this module is used for wall washing. This technique is typically used to bring attention to a large, smooth vertical surface. It can evenly illuminate a counter or highlight a wall where wide even distribution of light is required. The Construct wall wash module has a built-in diffuser that’s angled and recessed within its frame for a softer use.

3. Construct Dual Lens: Also with two lights, this module acts similar to the dual baffle module but with a diffuser and brightness equivalent to the lens module. Great for high ceilings.

4. Construct Multiple: These fixed LED downlights shine a bright directional light to focus on a specific area. Great for highlighting a distinguishing feature like a display, the multiple recessed lights are hidden within the tracks taking up less visual space which makes a room feel larger.

5. Construct Lens: Similar to the wall wash option, the lens module highlights areas the same way but offers a brighter and larger light. With a diffuser that sits flush to the bottom frame, this LED light is at full exposure that is still comfortable for the eyes and makes for a truly modern look.

6. Construct Multiple Spot: Very similar to the multiple module, the main difference is with the moveable arm that hangs the module slightly below the track and adds a custom angle for a more precise directional light. Can be used as a wall wash with an even softer glow.

7. Construct Spot: For a full flexible head, this module can move up and down at 90° and rotate at 355°. The most precise of the modules, you can specifically highlight each item you want without question.

8. Construct Dual Baffle: This downlight offers a stronger beam similar to that of a flashlight, like the spot module. Use above a space for a strong beacon of light that shines directly downward on a table or display.



9. Mast Lens: Operates just like the Construct lens module but fitted for the Mast lighting system.

10. Mast Spot: Operates just like the Construct spot module but fitted for the Mast lighting system.

11. Mast Multiple: For a hard to reach area that needs a wider, even amount of light, the Mast multiple module is the solution. With more flexibility than the Construct multiple module, it has an adjustable angle of 180° and can tilt back and forth with a 180° range.

12. Mini Spot: Directional lighting for objects at closer ranges. Beam angle can be adjusted from 8° to 20°. Especially beneficial in retail applications where items are being hung off the poles and need to be highlighted at close range.

13. Mast Suspended: Operates just like the Construct suspended module but fitted for the Mast lighting system.