Track lighting has evolved! The slimline dimensions allow for a discreet lighting design installation.

24V, also referred to as low voltage, is a safer option to consider when installing a lighting system. The voltage that runs from the transformer to the fixtures is significantly less powerful than its counterpart, preventing shock. Even though it is running at a much lower capacity, you can still get the same amount of light so quality is not affected. Experienced electricians even go as far as to argue that low voltage produces a crisper beam but there is no discernible difference between the two. A huge positive is also its energy saving potential. What we mean is, though it doesn’t necessarily provide energy savings based purely on a low voltage lighting system, you can maximize the number of fixtures powered and lit from the same voltage that would conventionally just power one.

Launched during Spring 2019, Eurofase unveiled a new assortment of lighting systems to its collection. These modern systems are Eurofase’s answer to the perfect combination between track lighting and LED fixtures that operate on low voltage for safer application and offer complete customization options.

All of our extrusions are custom made. Please contact our Sales team at