Top 5 Ways to Create Your Perfect Art Deco Space

Here’s to the New Year!

We at Eurofase are ready for some change and what better way than to embrace the new trends of 2022! One big trend in the design world is the return of Art Deco.

We are once again in the 20’s and with that, it only makes sense to pull reference from the original 20’s where Art Deco reigned supreme. Despite being a century apart, Art Deco is making a comeback due to its decorative style that features bold, fun designs that many people are yearning for as the world emerges out of the pandemic. Inspired by the movement, many designers are finding ways to infuse a little Art Deco décor into contemporary spaces.

Here’s how to transform your space into the iconic design style with glamour, drama, and luxury.


1. Stay Classy

Glass accents were found heavily in Art Deco designs. With the various treatments of glass and its vast uses, people were able to style a space in a way that added drama, creating the perfect ambiance. In particular, opal glass was extremely common in light fixtures, adding a wonderful glow that illuminated spaces. Try adding the Santoro vanity light or the Prospect pendant for a touch of glass act.

2. Golden Twenties

With bright tones and strong flamboyant characteristics, it makes sense that gold was a prominent color in Art Deco décor. It provides a lavish attribute that will instantly polish your space into one of opulence. For a unique statement piece, try adding the Umura wall sconce in gold.

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3. Stay In Shape

Be bold with geometric shapes, vertical lines, and angular details all of which are strong design motifs found in Art Deco. These patterns provide adornments that effectively highlight the merge of modern taste and traditional style, perfectly suiting many contemporary homes today. In particular, the ever-popular starburst is a great example of bold geometric artistry that is commonly found in Art Deco design. For an upgraded, modern take on this form, check out the Dendelio chandelier in gold.

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4. Self-Reflect

To perfectly pair with the reflective finishes of chrome and gold, Art Deco interior designs often incorporated mirrored surfaces. This allowed for more light to shine through and create a sense of space especially in smaller areas. If mirrored walls and furniture are out of the budget, try adding a statement mirror in your room. Even better with accents of gold and crystal diffusers, like the ones found in our Cerissa LED mirror collection.

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5. More is More


Less is a bore. As it is with Art Deco, more is definitely the way to go. It is all about abundance and lavish extravagance. Though there is a proper way to do it so that your space does not feel too gaudy or overwhelming. Instead of installing 1 simple pendant, opt for clustering a few together or even a larger chandelier for an upscale quality and custom approach.

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