2020 LED Mirrors

Our new collection of mirrors are now available in a full range CCT. This means that there are more color temperatures to choose from than just the standard 3000K, 4500K, and 6400K that were previously offered. Just press and hold the touch sensor for the desired temperature that perfectly matches your every need. FULL RANGE CCT LIGHT CLASSIFICATION Warm Neutral Cool AMBIANCE Areas that need low light intensity for a cozy, calm, inviting and intimate space Light intensity applications for bright and vibrant mood Special applications that need high light intensity and good color rendition for a crisp and invigorating space EFFECTS ON COLORS -Enhances reds & oranges -Blues appear darker -Orange/yellow tint to whites and greens -Enhances most colors equally -Does not favor yellow or blue -Neutral appearance -Enhances blues -Flattens reds -Bluish tint to whites and greens From 2700K To 6500K 15