Eurofase - 2023 Luce decor lighting Catalog

Accountability, communication, trust and respect. Our success is made up of outstanding, hard-working individuals collectively moving as one, striving to provide the best solution to all your lighting needs. Premiering a new product selection, we at Eurofase keep design at the forefront to provide you with on trend designs. This catalog features a total of 24 new collections, a supplement to our full-line Luce décor lighting catalog. We offer decorative fixtures that deliver various styles that will accent or define your space. Lighting is not just a thingamabob created to help you see better, it is a reflection of your personality and embodies individual artistry. We take pride in our products and believe in what we do. For a full list of all our designs, we invite you to visit Design Vision Creativity (forward thinking), originality (individuality), influence (social and environmental), and excellence (quality), are the key design values of Eurofase. These concepts support a perspective that shapes and symbolizes the fusion of lifestyle, luxury, and timelessness. Eurofase Lighting designs represent exclusivity, diversity, and distinctive craftsmanship.