Eurofase - 2024 Catalog

For more information please visit 3 IMPORTANT LIGHTING VOCABULARY ICON GUIDE Dimmable Integrated LED ECO Lightbulb Easy Installation Wet-Rated A wet-rated fixture suitable for direct exposure to precipitation. Product arrives pre-assembled, only requiring mounting to J-box and hardwiring. A demister device removes liquid droplets and leaves a designated area clear with heated pads to remove fog effortlessly. CCT is the term used to reference the color of light. A type of switch that allows you to control ON/OFF states as well as dimming options, through touch. Designed and constructed to withstand exposure to moisture and damp conditions to some extent. A product that is an addition to an exsiting Eurofase lighting family. Incorporates LEDs directly into the fixture. This item is in the process of receiving a patent, allowing us exclusive rights to this design. The illumination of the light can be increased or decreased with a dimmer switch. (sold separately) Compatible with ECO lightbulbs. Defogger Damp-Rated Correlated Color Temperature Touch Sensor Switch Line Extension Collection Patent Pending K9 Crystal Crystal Pitch Crystallic Shade Delivered Lumens “Shade” refers to a covering or fixture that is used to control, direct, or modify the distribution of light from a light source. The choice of shade can significantly impact the quality and character of the lighting in a room. Different types of shades can create varying effects, from cozy and warm to bright and focused. When selecting a shade for a lighting fixture, factors like the intended use of the light, the room’s decor, and personal preferences should all be taken into account. “Delivered lumens” is a term used in the field of lighting design and engineering to describe the amount of actual usable light output that is delivered by a lighting fixture or system to a specific area or surface. It represents the quantity of visible light that reaches the target surface or space after accounting for various factors that can affect light transmission and distribution. When specifying or evaluating lighting products, it’s essential to consider delivered lumens to ensure that the lighting system meets the desired lighting levels and efficiency requirements for a given space or application. K9 Crystal glass offers superior quality and clarity, over typical clear glass. Additional lead-oxides or metal-oxides are added into the borosilicate glass to help retain its integrity when cut or blown. K9 produces brilliant light refraction when polished and beveled, specially through prismatic shapes. Its association with sophistication makes crystal desirable and higher in price than glass. The name is derived from the Italian term “Cristallo”, which was used for high-end hand-blown glass in Murano, Italy. It is a unique and proprietary design of multiple faceted gear shape pieces that surround a light source to emit a spectacular refraction in near exact form of polished crystal itself. It is a cast acrylic or high-quality polymer that offers superior optical clarity and excellent surface finishing. The base material used in CRYSTALLIC is PMMA, Type 1, IM30 grade cast acrylic. PMMA is widely used in consumer goods; not known to be toxic and is considered a safe material. Crystallic provides durability and is favorable for machining, making it ideal for applications requiring high transparency, lighting refractivity, and intricate details.