Construct is an innovative linear connecting structure that features slim profiles for commercial spaces. With hundreds of options, you can choose various modules, each with different specifications to affix to the main rail.

The main rail, or track, employs a slide and lock function for easy attachment of the modules. The modules offered are multiples, suspended, wall wash, lens, multiple spot, spot, dual baffle, and dual lens. Each one of these components allot for specific uses and offer different benefits. For aesthetic purposes, a mix and match design grants artistic license and delivers a modern approach to commercial lighting.

All deriving from a central track above, whether it be a surface mount or recessed mount, the modules all attach to one side. This is one of the main differences between the Construct lighting system and the Mast lighting system which was also introduced earlier this year.


The Mast lighting system operates in a similar manner as the Construct. Also meant for commercial purposes, highlight specific areas for retail, gallery, and reception applications. Choose from an assortment of components and easily attach the modules with a slide and lock feature. Modules include lens, spot, mini spot, multiples and suspended.

The main difference however lies within its design. The bars are tubular simulating a pole structure and twist and turn at every corner. Think of a branch system or pipes that attach and extend outward on all sides. Perfect for retail environments, the Mast poles can also double as a unique display. This arrangement clearly has no limits administering profound customization like never before.

Based on the look you are going for, this will determine whether you will employ the Construct system or the Mast system to your space. If you are looking for a cleaner and simpler design, then the Construct lighting system is just what you need. For a more 3-dimensional, branched style that doubles as an industrial design art piece, go for the Mast system.

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