Eurofase Shines Green!

Eurofase Shines Green!

This particular trend is far from new and continues to gain momentum every year, making waves on a global scale. In today’s day, being environmentally friendly is a major factor many consumers are looking for before aligning themselves with a company. The importance of going green is playing a major role in the decision making for whether to invest in a company’s products or go to the closest competitor.

Understanding the importance of this movement, we have taken the time to assess our current footprint and have identified ways in which we can improve. While some of these processes will take some time to fully implement, there are many initiatives we are already participating in as well as putting into practice quickly within our walls.

Habitat For Humanity

At Eurofase, it is a part of our core belief to create strong bonds with people by making a positive difference in the communities around us. This includes giving back through our various donation programs, one of which includes Habitat for Humanity. In addition to fixtures that can be used in a second life, we are also able to minimize our material waste by donating fixtures that have reached the end life of their cycle for parts to be repurposed and reused.




Pallets on Pallets!

Another way we contribute to minimizing excess waste is by ensuring we do not buy any new pallets. 100% of our pallets are reused. Unfortunately, that leaves nothing to the dumpster divers looking for pallets to be repurposed for furniture. Sorry hipsters!






Integrated LED Technology

As a lighting company, we have chosen to prioritize the use of integrated LED technology both for its environmental impact and its efficiencies. At Eurofase, about 80% of our fixtures employ LED technology for seamless illumination. Quality LED lights are safer, sturdier, and last longer than other lights, being 300% more efficient than fluorescent bulbs and 1,000% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. You can go up to 11 years before needing to replace them!




Shipping Containers

Lastly, we do our best to maximize the use of our shipping containers so as to ensure we’re making the best use of energy and materials without the detriment of labor. Eurofase will only ship full containers to avoid wasting freight.






With all the changes going on around the world, it’s a nice feeling knowing we can take control on some level. Let’s all be in with green.