When it comes to hospitality, lighting plays a bigger role than you might expect. Restaurant lighting can greatly affect a customers dining experience. Using pendant lighting is an effective way to highlight individual tables and reveal the real color of food and drinks. No restaurant decor would be complete without decorative lighting or a few pendants, depending on the restaurant style of course. LANDIGO COLLECTION     LAMPORT COLLECTION       FILO COLLECTION     ROSEMOUNT COLLECTION     SANDSTONE COLLECTIONRead More
Cathedral Simulated flickering candles made with real wax integrate a traditional look and style with modern technology. This contemporary piece provides hours of illumination that can be operated by remote control. A portable design allows flexibility in where it’s used and can contribute to a romantic setting. Here are some ideas to give your space a gorgeous glow! Its contemporary design makes it suitable to high-end commercial spaces like rooftop patios, decks, poolsides, and party rooms. The Cathedral collection works as a perfect outdoor mood lighting creating just the right ambiance.        Read More
enLIGHTenment Magazine (July issue)   Click here to view the ad MAST – 24V DC low voltage modular system The low voltage modular system suits various lighting applications ranging from residential accent focal lighting usage to restaurant and retail store purposes. Using soft lines, this unobstructed lighting system delivers light where it’s needed.   Click here to view the ad Clear seeded glass globes are stacked alternatively against a backplate, giving the illusion of floating bulbs of light. The textured glass complements the antique silver finish for a rustic industrial effect. Learn more about GIBSON COLLECTION     Please contact us for custom projectsRead More
Brightening your landscape is as essential as adding light indoors. It not only beautifies your space but also adds practical applications. By simply adding landscape lighting, you can instantly maximize your living area. From a variety of different sizes and styles, the possibilities are endless. Ranging from small solar lights to large wall sconces, you can go from a quick facelift to a full renovation makeover depending on your needs. Understanding the advantages of outdoor lighting will help you to properly enhance your space and achieve this.   1. APPEARANCE One obvious advantage to landscape lighting is the overall improved look of your home. Your home stays visible and stands out even at night. When used properly, outdoor lighting can highlight structural features adding intrigue and a sense of drama.   2. FUNCTIONALITY Improve every inch of your space by adding outdoor lights to increase functionality. When your space is properly lit, the whole outside area can be utilized in a whole array of sorts after sundown. Don’t be restricted to certain areas at specific times; expand your space physically as well as aesthetically.   3. VALUE Any addition to your home will boost its worth. A quick way toRead More
June Issue of enLIGHTenment magazine: Featuring the newest addition to the Eurofase family — Function Collection CLICK HERE to see the full June issue CLICK HERE to see the full Furniture, Lighting & Decor June issue which features our Norway chandelierRead More
Strike curb appeal with outdoor lighting   SPOT LIGHT SPOT LIGHT, 3X2W, LED, SOLID BRASS See the Spot light here   IN-WALL LIGHT HORIZONTAL LOUVERED TRIM STEP LIGHT Available in 3 finishes: White, Black, Brushed Nickel See the In-wall light here   BOLLARD LED 35-IN BOLLARD, 16W, GRAPHITE GREY See the Bollard light here   IN-GROUND LIGHT   LED ROUND INGROUND, 1X10W, STAINLESS STEEL See the In-ground light here   PORTABLE LIGHT CATHEDRAL, 5-LIGHT LINEAR LANTERN Available in 5 styles. See the Portable lights here  Read More
  What is metal leaf Metal leaf is a thin metal sheet that is used for decoration and is available in gold, copper and silver. It is used on varying sized objects from a small glass to large frames for added luxury.   Luxury is an art Gilding (metal leaf application) is a delicate process that requires specialized tools. It requires a hand applied precise and delicate technique for a flawless finish. Some tools required for this process are a gilding cushion, a gilding knife, an adhesive and pumice powder. A clean surface, a room without any drafts and lots of patience are also key elements for successful application. Once applied properly and depending on how much handling they get, the gold foil can last for centuries.   CIRCULAR BACK-LIT MIRROR Circular wall mount back-lit LED Mirror adorned with a gold leaf or silver leaf backdrop (30”Dia.) Features 3-color temperatures See the Circular back-lit mirror here: Gold | Silver     SQUARE BACK-LIT MIRROR Square wall mount back-lit LED Mirror adorned with a gold leaf or silver leaf backdrop (32″W x 32″H) Features 3-color teperatures See the Square back-lit mirror here: Gold | Silver     FREE-STANDING BACK-LIT MIRROR FreeRead More
  LED mirrors provide full illumination and highlight your entire space with clear and even lighting. Choosing Eurofase LED mirrors is a simple way to add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and boldness. More than just a bathroom accessory, our mirrors can be placed in various other areas. Try using them to elevate a foyer, bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, or hospitality setting.   Simple touch screen, portable LED mirror can be used virtually anywhere that needs some extra illumination  (10″W x 12″H) See the Hollywood mirror here   FREE STANDING HOLLYWOOD MIRROR The sleek black framing of the Hollywood LED mirror suits a soft industrial styled space (24″W x 65″H) See the Free-standing Hollywood mirror here   RECTANGULAR EDGE-LIT MIRROR Edge-lit LED mirror, provides soft indirect lighting with touch sensor (28″W x 36″H) See the Rectangular Edge-lit mirror here   RECTANGULAR FREE-STANDING MIRROR Free-standing back-lit LED mirror with chrome frame (20″W x 65″H) See the Rectangular mirror here   ROUND EDGE-LIT MIRROR The clean design of this edge-lit LED mirror coupled with its real leather strap fits perfectly in various decors. (23.75”Dia.) See the Round Edge-lit mirror here   ROUND EDGE-LIT MIRROR Edge-lit LED mirror, provides soft indirect lighting withRead More
enLIGHTenment Magazine (May issue) Click here to view the ad Pendulous glass orb suspended by natural leather strapping Learn more about ROSEMOUNT COLLECTION Click here to view the ad (left) This new large LED trifold mirror (model #34001) boasts a chrome finish and measures 60″ high x 43.5″ wide. Ideal for retail as well as residential applications. Learn more about LED TRIFOLD MIRROR – Click here to view the ad (right) Grand orbiting globes of opal glass hover around a central axis Available in two finishes: Matte Black and Chrome Learn more about FAIRMOUNT COLLECTIONRead More
A circular LED ring connected atop orbiting bronze banding. Avita collection highlights a beautiful contrast between the bright LED light and the dark deep bronze which makes up the frame. Bands criss-cross around adding depth and movement.Read More
Configurable octagonal rings encircle this chandelier for a strong form that’s customizable for each user going from a flat layout to a 3-dimensional shape. Montcalm Collection – The warm colors of the oil-rubbed bronze create an old-style charm and an inviting environment for all to enjoy.Read More
Modern take on an Italian classic, the Catalda pendant features a diamond shape pattern that projects the light in a dazzling way. Inspired by 90s crystal decanters, the notched glass adds depth to the geometric shape. This colored glass piece with retro elements makes for the perfect centerpiece over a kitchen island but is versatile enough to be housed in other areas as well. Adding small splashes of color into your space is easier with these colored glass pendants.Read More
Corinna Collection – Antique silver frames with LED light inside showcase crystal glass bangles for a distinctively special design. The glass rings add a lightness to its overall style extending its beauty onto its cascading shadows and reflected light. This style combines mixed materials with basic shapes creating a unique look.Read More