Flat chrome disk with metal loop is suspended by faux leather. A remarkable arrangement that’s sure to standout. This unique composition, inspired by stirrups add a quirky, unique element to your décor. The Lappin collection, only available from Eurofase.Read More
A beautiful house in Richmond Hill with variety of Exterior Lighting by Eurofase   Path Lights     Tree Lights      Hardscape      In-Ground & Spot Light       Exterior Wall Mount  Read More
Eurofase did a custom job for La Vecchia on the Lake! A modern twist on Italian tradition extends onto the décor of the newly opened La Vecchia Lakeshore location. Blending beautiful rustic tones with updated designs, the Vaughan chandelier and custom Benalto light fixtures elevate this space to a luxuriously inviting atmosphere for an ideal setting. An ideal setting for a memorable evening with friends and family. The food combines the authentic flavours of old world Italy with new world sensibilities.        Read More
The Mast lighting system employs two track options; one being a fixed track system and the other an adjustable track system. The fixed track uses a TT connection meaning that since the poles cannot move or rotate, there is a solid, stronger build. This requires less pieces as a single bar can measure up to 72”. However, the downside to this is that you can only use downlights and highlight specific areas below. This is not a problem though if those are your lighting needs. The adjustable track uses an ITI connection and offers more range and versatility. For more complex designs and visual appeal, the adjustable track system may work better for you. The bars can rotate 360° for all around lighting and can employ a more intricate branched layout. However, since there are more moveable pieces, the connection is not as stiff as the fixed track system. This means the tracks are much shorter with the longest bar measuring at 36”. Designing your space can be tricky with certain slopes, curves and corners affecting the type of lights you add. With the Mast lighting system, you can overcome some of those hindrances. You can even mix the fixedRead More
enLIGHTenment Magazine (October issue)   Click here to view the ad MANNING COLLECTION, 41″ ROUND CHANDELIER Fluted glass tipped chrome jacks of LED   Click here to view the ad SANTANA COLLECTION, 24″ ROUND CHANDELIER Clustered matte black extruded tubes of LED light         —————————————————————————————————————– Please contact us for custom projectsRead More
Generally, for a commercial setting, multiple light applications are needed. The Function lighting collection offers multiple options to meet those needs. Mix and match for a custom fit that perfectly accommodates your space and highlights just the right things. With a variety of modules to select, it is important to know and understand the purpose of each one as it’s not just a decorative choice. In this article we will examine the different modules offered within the Function collection and ascertain its proper uses. All of our extrusions are custom made. Please contact our Sales team at CONSTRUCT MODULES 1. Construct Suspended: These single suspended modules hang like mini pendants. The downward light is perfect for task lighting while also adding a unique character and dimensional level to any space. Great as a singular piece or grouped together to form a linear cluster, it’s a great choice above a table or desk. 2. Construct Wall Wash: As the name implies, this module is used for wall washing. This technique is typically used to bring attention to a large, smooth vertical surface. It can evenly illuminate a counter or highlight a wall where wide even distribution of light is required.Read More
Construct is an innovative linear connecting structure that features slim profiles for commercial spaces. With hundreds of options, you can choose various modules, each with different specifications to affix to the main rail. The main rail, or track, employs a slide and lock function for easy attachment of the modules. The modules offered are multiples, suspended, wall wash, lens, multiple spot, spot, dual baffle, and dual lens. Each one of these components allot for specific uses and offer different benefits. For aesthetic purposes, a mix and match design grants artistic license and delivers a modern approach to commercial lighting. All deriving from a central track above, whether it be a surface mount or recessed mount, the modules all attach to one side. This is one of the main differences between the Construct lighting system and the Mast lighting system which was also introduced earlier this year.   The Mast lighting system operates in a similar manner as the Construct. Also meant for commercial purposes, highlight specific areas for retail, gallery, and reception applications. Choose from an assortment of components and easily attach the modules with a slide and lock feature. Modules include lens, spot, mini spot, multiples and suspended. TheRead More
Track lighting has evolved! The slimline dimensions allow for a discreet lighting design installation. 24V, also referred to as low voltage, is a safer option to consider when installing a lighting system. The voltage that runs from the transformer to the fixtures is significantly less powerful than its counterpart, preventing shock. Even though it is running at a much lower capacity, you can still get the same amount of light so quality is not affected. Experienced electricians even go as far as to argue that low voltage produces a crisper beam but there is no discernible difference between the two. A huge positive is also its energy saving potential. What we mean is, though it doesn’t necessarily provide energy savings based purely on a low voltage lighting system, you can maximize the number of fixtures powered and lit from the same voltage that would conventionally just power one. Launched during Spring 2019, Eurofase unveiled a new assortment of lighting systems to its collection. These modern systems are Eurofase’s answer to the perfect combination between track lighting and LED fixtures that operate on low voltage for safer application and offer complete customization options. All of our extrusions are custom made. PleaseRead More
 Check out this feature video from House Tipster as Christopher Grubb, President of Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc., introduces our Director of North American Marketing and Sales, Dan McIntosh, along with our Showroom Manager Amy Freeman. Our showroom at the Dallas Market Center is open Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm.Read More
All of our extrusions are custom made. Please contact our Sales team at sales@eurofase.comRead More
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