It’s Elemental, Darling By: Stephanie Reyes, Senior Graphic Designer Sometimes when trying to design a space, it isn’t just about creating a look that is ultra unique and new. Sometimes it’s taking what was already successful and just tweaking it to add a freshness that’ll keep a style on-trend. A great example is of the ever-evolving industrial design style. This particular trend has been around for a while, but it is still prevalent in today’s looks due to its versatility. It has the ability to blend different elements and contrast themes to add personality and character to a space. It’s all up to interpretation but I find the key is to keep certain working elements (such as pulleys and rollers), as well as distinct finishes that are commonly used, in the design while pairing it with cleaner lines and softened textures to keep it fresh. Eurofase prides itself on being extremely versatile; offering a wide variety of products and styles to fit every requirement. The Eurofase team is always striving to create the best works of art for you while staying on trend. This year, Eurofase has teamed up with acclaimed Designer of the Year recipient, Barbara Owens, to speciallyRead More
PICTURED: Vasso 16″ LED Wall Sconce 41904-015 Bring Spring Indoors With These 4 Trends! By: Stephanie Reyes, Senior Graphic Designer The official first day of spring is March 20th, which will be here sooner than you think! As the temperatures finally begin to rise, even if it is just ever so slightly, we are excited to welcome the start of longer days and a much brighter sun. With that boost of invigorating energy, let’s take a look at some fresh new trends for spring to inspire your next reno, creating the best living conditions for your loved ones and yourself.   PICTURED: Cocolina 48” Oval Chandelier 43874-019 One trend coincidentally making an impression this season is the use of brown in interior design. Perfect timing if you ask me, as springtime also signifies that Easter is abound, filled with bunnies and, yup, you guessed it…chocolates! The various tones of chocolate are rich yet neutral in color. Able to affect our psyche, the tone’s earthly qualities add a calming attribute and when done correctly, also adds a timeless elegance. Due to the pandemic, people are looking to move away from the bland whites and minimalist designs and this color allows youRead More
Eurofase Shines Green! This particular trend is far from new and continues to gain momentum every year, making waves on a global scale. In today’s day, being environmentally friendly is a major factor many consumers are looking for before aligning themselves with a company. The importance of going green is playing a major role in the decision making for whether to invest in a company’s products or go to the closest competitor. Understanding the importance of this movement, we have taken the time to assess our current footprint and have identified ways in which we can improve. While some of these processes will take some time to fully implement, there are many initiatives we are already participating in as well as putting into practice quickly within our walls. Habitat For Humanity At Eurofase, it is a part of our core belief to create strong bonds with people by making a positive difference in the communities around us. This includes giving back through our various donation programs, one of which includes Habitat for Humanity. In addition to fixtures that can be used in a second life, we are also able to minimize our material waste by donating fixtures that have reachedRead More
Here’s to the New Year! We at Eurofase are ready for some change and what better way than to embrace the new trends of 2022! One big trend in the design world is the return of Art Deco. We are once again in the 20’s and with that, it only makes sense to pull reference from the original 20’s where Art Deco reigned supreme. Despite being a century apart, Art Deco is making a comeback due to its decorative style that features bold, fun designs that many people are yearning for as the world emerges out of the pandemic. Inspired by the movement, many designers are finding ways to infuse a little Art Deco décor into contemporary spaces. Here’s how to transform your space into the iconic design style with glamour, drama, and luxury.   1. Stay Classy Glass accents were found heavily in Art Deco designs. With the various treatments of glass and its vast uses, people were able to style a space in a way that added drama, creating the perfect ambiance. In particular, opal glass was extremely common in light fixtures, adding a wonderful glow that illuminated spaces. Try adding the Santoro vanity light or the ProspectRead More
See You In Dallas! Welcoming you back home; the Home of Lighting at the Dallas Market enter this January 2022.Read More
The new Eurofase Function Catalog is now available! It encompasses architectural lighting fixtures across all categories such as modular systems, circuit board extrusions, mini profiles, recessed multiples, and many more! Browse the online catalog now or download here. For orders or inquiries, please contact us at More
International Women’s Day 2020 This year, Eurofase celebrated International Women’s Day, a day of recognizing achievements of women and girls around the globe. With well over 100 employees, Eurofase came together to celebrate the important role women play in the workforce. Warm wishes on International Women’s Day.Read More