The Mast lighting system employs two track options; one being a fixed track system and the other an adjustable track system. The fixed track uses a TT connection meaning that since the poles cannot move or rotate, there is a solid, stronger build. This requires less pieces as a single bar can measure up to 72”. However, the downside to this is that you can only use downlights and highlight specific areas below. This is not a problem though if those are your lighting needs.

The adjustable track uses an ITI connection and offers more range and versatility. For more complex designs and visual appeal, the adjustable track system may work better for you. The bars can rotate 360° for all around lighting and can employ a more intricate branched layout. However, since there are more moveable pieces, the connection is not as stiff as the fixed track system. This means the tracks are much shorter with the longest bar measuring at 36”.

Designing your space can be tricky with certain slopes, curves and corners affecting the type of lights you add. With the Mast lighting system, you can overcome some of those hindrances. You can even mix the fixed system with the adjustable system; it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Check out some of these combinations for a new spin on your track connecting systems.

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