How To Stay On-Trend With Your Current Style

It’s Elemental, Darling

By: Stephanie Reyes, Senior Graphic Designer

Sometimes when trying to design a space, it isn’t just about creating a look that is ultra unique and new. Sometimes it’s taking what was already successful and just tweaking it to add a freshness that’ll keep a style on-trend.

A great example is of the ever-evolving industrial design style. This particular trend has been around for a while, but it is still prevalent in today’s looks due to its versatility. It has the ability to blend different elements and contrast themes to add personality and character to a space. It’s all up to interpretation but I find the key is to keep certain working elements (such as pulleys and rollers), as well as distinct finishes that are commonly used, in the design while pairing it with cleaner lines and softened textures to keep it fresh.

Eurofase prides itself on being extremely versatile; offering a wide variety of products and styles to fit every requirement. The Eurofase team is always striving to create the best works of art for you while staying on trend. This year, Eurofase has teamed up with acclaimed Designer of the Year recipient, Barbara Owens, to specially design two collections that highlight industrial design.


Barbara Owens designs artful lighting solutions by creating pieces that encourage awe and inspiration. Each of her fixtures are an art piece, sculptural and interesting; they make a statement even when not in use. We sat down with Barbara to pick her brain and get a backstage pass into the making of the Annilo and Dendelio collections.

When asked what inspired the Annilo collection, Barbara wanted to find a fresh way to interpret the popular industrial trend that has been more rustic in previous years. “Very often design comes out of real-life needs, and the Anillo was meant to accommodate that while simplifying your lifestyle. This ‘Band of Light’ makes a statement in a minimalist way while maintaining key elements of industrial design, like the wrapped chrome bar and the round knob detailing.”

Why the chrome finish? The mixed polished finishes add a sophistication to the design that is not often seen in industrial design. This upscale finish makes a statement that pairs well with almost any design. Pulling influences from different styles allows us to adapt this design to many settings. It becomes more universal rather than limiting its use to one design setting.


The Dendelio collection, also curated by Barbara, doesn’t quite pull from the industrial design per se but more from mid-century design. Inspired by the classic sputnik/starburst form, the Dendelio collection is a modern interpretation. It imitates the skeletal structure of a dandelion and highlights this with a strong geometric structure, created by simple triangles at each end. Adding a soft contemporary look transforms a piece at once, making it feel chic and updated.


For more information on these collections, check out our Luce Supplement catalog to see the full line along with all its details.